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Name:Eliot Spencer


(LJ: [ profile] distinctive_guy)

PB: Christian Kane

General: HMD

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Name - Seph
AIM - Mister Distinctive
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SERIES: Leverage

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Canon Info: All Canon Information


The retrieval specialist is by no means a good guy. His checkered past soaked ample amounts of innocent blood on his hands and even in the present, he continues to hurt people for a living. However, deep inside, he is a man surviving in a bad world who wants to be good. He does care about the innocents, especially children, and does what he can within the limits of his powers to help. In fact, often times he will purposefully go out of his way to keep them out of harm's path, but when his powers are mainly restricted to the ability to dish out violence and retrieving things, there's only so much he can do. If Eliot had a weakness, that would be it.

Moving on from discussions of morality and universal alignment to the greater good, Eliot's day to day interaction with people depends on who he's talking to. As a lone wolf, he isn't a talkative person by nature. He was screwed over by the world so he is angry at the world in response, as shown by his short temper, yet he is gentle when with children, respectful when with elderly, and dripping with southern charm when with a lady. Normal people not deserving of his world's ugliness gets a reprieve from his harsher side, but cross the line into his brutal world and he won't be a decent young man anymore.

His habits come from even doses of common sense mixed with severe security consciousness. As he mentions himself, there's no such thing as paranoia for someone who did the things he has done. When he is not running around the world on jobs though, he settles pretty well with nature. He grows his own food, makes his own meals and enjoys fishing trips. He doesn't mind time spent in the wilderness, not surprising considering he spent a good part of his life running through them in third world countries. It also explains why he isn't incredibly interested in technology, and got into the habit of not sleeping much at night (~90 minutes).


The path the retrieval specialist took to get where he is was not an easy one. Eliot's childhood started normally enough, average family, public schooling, a jock popular with girls. He went directly into the army after graduating from high school and did well for himself there, took to army life like a duck to water.

During his first stationing overseas, he was discovered to be an adept combatant and have a head for tactics. It wasn't long after that that he was recruited into special forces to further enhance his abilities. Eliot Spencer was molded into a deadly tool for the government, and before the age of 20 he knew more ways to cause damage than most soldiers did in the world, and caused quite a bit of it during secret missions. While in special forces, Eliot participated in several black ops DA missions, specializing in hostage rescue from hostile situations.

Things went well for a several years, but no matter how many warzones he entered and how many people he fought, he eventually was taught nothing was as ruthless as the people he worked for. On the last assignment he lead he was set up by his own government in exchange for an under the table settlement with the enemy. Someone from his team was bribed to feed him false intel and not knowing, Eliot led his men straight into an ambush. He lost all of his men that day, killed the traitor himself, but his superiors denied everything. It was as if his team never existed, and records do not acknowledge any of the black ops mission as sanctioned.

Devastated, he left the service to return home but soon realized that there was no home for someone who went through what he did. He left to take up jobs someone with his skill sets could do, returning every so often to keep in touch with the girl he loved. When she couldn't wait for him anymore and married someone else, he left home altogether and was determined to make a name for himself. He worked as muscle for hire for a while, getting deeper into the criminal world as his name grew larger. At one point he made it to the top working for the largest money launderer for international crime... And Eliot walked away.

He resurfaced later as a retrieval expert, him as his own boss, alone, and hiring only to specific clients he chose. He became the best in that field too, and was hired by both sides of the fence for retrieval jobs. One job three years ago came by with such a high payout that he agreed to work temporarily with a team of thieves. It was supposed to be a walkaway job, one time only deal, but their employer double-crossed them and tried to get all of them killed. The team stayed together to get even, and discovered that they worked so well together that they continued staying together even afterward. One job became two, two became three, and their team, based around helping small people in need, was formed under Leverage Consulting & Associates.

The team became his extended family, the only people he breaks his lone wolf act for. He protects them like he would do for himself, would protect them beyond his own safety even. Eliot would never admit it, not even to himself, but he cares for their little dysfunctional family.


• knows various lethal fighting styles
(ie: Krav Maga, Eskrima, Sambo, Panantukan)
• knowledgeable in firearms
• can identify most military organisations
• ability to turn most things into weapons
• survival in hostile environments
• keen tactical awareness
• retrieval specialist
• experienced in field first aid
• high pain tolerance
• decent con artist

• strong sense of self control
• lurking
• lady charmer
• gourmet chef
• decent singer
• guitar player
• exceptional at darts
• has a green thumb
• capable of playing pro level baseball
• riding a horse (bareback)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Kurdish, Russian, Arabic

Audio Forever:

Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal.
Character belongs to TNT's Leverage and Christian Kane.
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